Are we a match?

Breeze is taking online dating offline. Last months we have welcomed many new users and we are looking for right additions to the team for the next chapter in our adventure.

Questions? Or don't see a direct match with our open vacancies, but still interested in joining Breeze (now or later)?

Why we do what we do

All popular apps of today are basically marketing variations of the same concept: you swipe through a huge pile, match at mutual interest and then a chat box opens.

Their business models are tied to making their users spend the maximum of time in-app, and they became pretty good at it: on average someone swipes and chats for 38 hours per date. If you’re really looking to date via such apps, the process is often very frustrating and time-consuming.

That’s why we started Breeze. With a fresh concept and a fair business model, we’re here to fix online dating. We take dating back offline, one date at a time.